Northstar School


Client: Mohit Patel

Area:50000 SQFT

Project team: Santhosh,Raja krishnan,Manish,Vimala



The North Star School main campus is a G+1 structure designed comprehensively to satisfy the requirement of the client. Its aim is to teach at grass root level school functions, for KG – 8th Grade students. It is located adjoining RK University which is an extension of an institution along the Bhavnagar Highway, Rajkot. The site is adjacent to the highway.

The project is being divided into three phases in which the construction for phase one is completed. The corridors of all three phases are interlinked which results in an efficient usage of the spaces and easy accessibility.

The design concept is to provide a private garden for each classroom such that every two classrooms share a common open activity space. This space is used as a multi-disciplinary space where various activities like playing, teaching, group activity, takes place. It has the added advantage of being able to monitor two classrooms at a time because of the careful planning of the garden-classroom orientation.

The design includes a central open courtyard consisting of steps leading to the first floor. An envelope of jalli work and the presence of large windows, opening to the garden ensures sufficient natural light is achieved, such that the whole school functions only on day light, all through the year. No artificial light fixture is to be found inside the classroom. The windows or doors do not open directly into the corridor. Main doors of the classroom are tucked inside facing away from the corridor to minimize the disturbance and distraction of the students. 

Independent lockers are provided for each student at their respective classroom at the entrance. Toilets are placed at the end for both boys and girls. The first floor has deep over hangs that are being cantilevered at 14’ that serves the purpose of ventilation and shade for the ground floor. The second floor consist of a multipurpose seminar hall whose facade forms a salient image when seen from the highway, it also acts as a shade for the garden below. The basic ADA standards have been integrated in the planning and design.

After sufficient research and study, we found a stone called Bella which is made up of natural hard lime stone that turned out to be a really pleasing material. It was available in red, white and beige. The colour of the stone reflects the city’s culture and architecture and helps in blending the built form with the surrounding. This gave us the opportunity to exploit the entire ground floor. Aluminium windows and mesh for planter boxes (for creepers which provide insulation) add more depth to the structure.