Karthick Interior


Client: Karthick Subramaniam

Area:8000 SQFT

Project team: Santhosh,Raja krishnan,Siva,Senthil




Individual private residence with built in rental units is becoming a new architectural typology in southern India. It is primarily due to the increase in land cost and need for security. It was a challenging yet satisfying solution that we worked on for one of the first such residences that we designed.The 75’ x 60’ north facing corner site is located in a fast developing neighborhood of Trichy. Over the planning process around eight different options were worked on and ultimately the current option was boiled to in conjunction to the liking of both the client and us.Independent access and parking for the tenant and owners, private garden, exclusive service access, integration of the ground and first floor, maximum lighting and ventilation for all spaces, double height spaces, separate family in both levels are some of the features incorporated within the design. Ground & first level houses the owner’s residence while third level has two rental apartments. 

A light well in the upper level also helps in venting the hot air generated outthrough the terrace. The window sizes and opening were played with in order to maximize natural lighting and fenestration while at the same time providing privacy for each of the rooms. The entire glazing on the western façade is high performance energy efficient glass that reduces heat transmission without compromising visibility. Most of the waste material generated during construction were salvaged and reused in interior elements. Remaining un-sized granite remnants were used in creating a pattern for a feature wall. Left out wooden runners were sized, planed and reused in laying the exterior deck. 

The home has been automated to reduce energy consumption and enhance security measures considering it has multiple users. We installed occupational sensors in all rooms and toilets, used only LED fixtures and reduced the electrical points to meet optimum requirement. A complete building information touch panel to control all the outlets is mounted on the wall and also available on mobile devices. Water harvesting is done in all corners and in the garden area.